Abor international Company, located in Hamburg/Germany,established in 2010.

Abor International General Trading Company Ltd. has a strong business presence in the Iraqi market. Creating high added-value, the company divisions are committed to serving the interests of both international business partners and customers by offering reasonable prices, diversified products and high quality services. It markets hundreds of branded product lines and numerous category leaders, including food products, personal and dental care products, and confectionery.

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General Contracting

Aborland Company, is an Iraqi general contracting, construction and development company, operates a diverse spectrum of projects and real estates in Iraq and globally. It was established in 2010 and is headquartered in Erbil, Kurdistan Region/Iraq.

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Abor Group has interests in the areas of finance through their own financial institutions and through the well-known international banks by international firms.

It is engaged in lending and allied activities. The Group is engaged primarily in the business of financing. It is focused on five categories: consumer lending, small and medium-sized enterprises lending, commercial lending, rural lending, and fixed deposits and fee based product distribution.

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Aborgroup company L.L.C for investment ,construction and general trading is a Armenia-based construction and engineering company.

The Company is engaged in the construction of civil, industrial, road and bridge projects, as well as infrastructure projects of urban and industrial zones. It is also active in real estate development and operations businesses, such as development of houses, apartment and office buildings for sale and lease. In addition, the company is involved in the manufacture, import and wholesale of construction materials. Other activities include labor export and financial investment.

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Abor petrol and gas company is an international oil and gas exploration, production and import/export company with operations in the Iraq and the Middle East. Its headquarters are in Istanbul/ Turkey. Abor petrol and gas is one of the largest oil and gas companies, based on equity and market capitalization.

Abor petrol and gas company’s midstream and marketing segment gathers, processes, transports, stores, purchases and markets crude oil and its productive and other commodities in support of Abor petrol and gas company’s businesses..

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Investment, General Trading

Dogrose is an Abor group business ivolved in investment, and general trading. We invest in construction projects, real estate, other businesses and products and global import and export.

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Dogrose Ghana is an investment and general trading company based in Ghana, Africa. We are engaged in large projects in the country.

Several of our projects include a great resort on the beach, housing projects, as well as shopping malls.

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Zhiandn is on of the Abor Group companies that specializes in industrial investment.

We plan to invest in a medical project in Erbil, Kurdistan region of Iraq.

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