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November 13, 2015
November 13, 2015

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Abor International Company General Trading Company

Abor international Company, located in Hamburg/Germany,established in 2010 ,As the business environment around us changes and evolves with increasing speed, new challenges are confronting us on daily basis.


We strive to be open and fair in our company activities, thereby earning widespread support and appreciation allover Iraq and aim to uphold our basic principle of “creating value for our customers”.


Abor International  General Trading Company Ltd. has a strong business presence in the Iraqi market. Creating high added-value, the company divisions are committed to serving the interests of both international business partners and customers by offering reasonable prices, diversified products and high quality services. It markets hundreds of branded product lines and numerous category leaders, including food products, personal and dental care products, and confectionery.


Abor international Company serves all main regions of the Kurdistan Region and Iraq from its branches in Erbil and Sulamanya .In response to more discriminating consumer tastes and ever-increasing competition in the region, Abor International Company is committed to maintaining the highest standards. Management with world-class talent, recruited from some of the leading branded-goods companies, and a professionally trained sales team give brand partners full product support for building brands and increasing market share in Kurdistan Region and Iraq.


With the growth of hypermarkets and convenience stores in Kurdistan Region and Iraq, Abor International Company has extended its distribution network beyond traditional stores, and the company continues its exploration of new ways to serve towns and villages away from major metropolitan areas. In all its activities, Abor International Company remains best-in-class of Iraqi consumer products distribution.