Abor Group, a global investment conglomerate operating in 5 countries, serving communities through its businesses and investments.


Abor Group is a diversified group of companies operating in industries spanning investment, construction, finance, global trading, energy, and real estate.

Since its inception in 2010 the group has been a frontier in multiple business sectors. The group’s headquarters is in Erbil, Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Abor has created a vast number of jobs directly through its investments, businesses, projects, and factories or indirectly through financing other businesses and individuals in the countries in which it operates.

We invest in innovative and profitable businesses that improve the economy and the quality of life in the regions in which they operate and to transfer our experience to the younger generation of employees and entrepreneurs is a mission we have undertaken.



Our core values to which all Abor Group owners and employees are committed are,

  • Resolute persistence in quality of our products, services and projects,
  • innovation and improvement in the sectors in which our businesses operate,
  • and to have a positive impact in those communities.